Cancellation Policy

1 (a) If you travel by the contract or if the travel is not, we can make the travel arrangements and our compensation expenses. Our claim is under consideration from ordinary savings in expenses and the possible use each other participants:

· Cancellations received up to 31 days prior to departure will incur a penalty of 10% per person.

· Cancellations received within 15-30 days of departure will incur a penalty of 15% per person.

· Cancellations received within 7-14 days of departure will incur a penalty of 25% per person.

· Cancellations received within 4-6 days of departure will incur a penalty of 50% per person.

· Cancellations received within 3 days of departure will incur a penalty of 100% per person.

· Unused features are non-refundable. No shows forfeit entire payment.

· Trips require a minimum number of participants to avoid cancellation. We reserve the right to cancel a schedule trip to fully refund affected customers although tour companies will make every effort to maintain the normal operation.

1 (b) Reclassification
If your desire for the booking of travel changes to the travel date accommodation, destination, the place of departure or transport to be made, so we are usually the same cost as in the case of a resignation themselves. We must therefore cost the same amount calculated as of the time of rebooking for a resignation would result.
1 (c) writing
In any case, withdrawal, rebooking and change statements in your interest, and for reasons of proof in writing.

2. Any unused benefits
Take individual travel services due to premature repatriation or otherwise not qualify, we will contact the service providers for reimbursement of expenses saved endeavor. This obligation does not apply if a refund statutory or regulatory provisions preclude or if it is totally insignificant benefits.

3. Cancellation and termination by the tour operator
In these cases, we can before the trip by the travel contract, or after the commencement of the journey travel agreement:
A. Without a time limit, if the traveler carrying out the travel warning notwithstanding our sustained disturbed or if he was in such behavior contrary to the Treaty extent that the immediate lifting of the contract justifies. Terminate we, so we keep the right to the price, but we have to the value of the savings in expenses and those benefits can be credited, we made use of an otherwise unused obtain benefits, including those of our service providers amounts.
4. Up to 2 weeks prior to departure in case of non-achievement or officially tendered a minimum number of participants, when in the travel call for the corresponding travel to a minimum number of participants noted. We are in any case obliged to immediately after the occurrence of an advance payment for the non-implementation of this trip having to put you and the resignation statement immediately send. The paid-up fare is available immediately. If at an earlier stage show that the minimum number of participants can not be achieved, we will inform you of them.

5. Subject to the tour operator
5 (a) Own Benefits
As part of the diligence of a merchant, we are liable for: - A certain amount of travel preparation
- A careful selection and monitoring of service providers
- The accuracy of the travel description, but not for the information contained in local, hotel or other brochures that our booking offices distributed or your travel documents attached, if they are not of us were issued.
- The proper provision of the contract.
Travel services.
5 (b) to fulfill aides
For any debt with the concerned person we are liable.
5 (c)
We provide the framework of a tour, or in addition to this promotion in scheduled traffic and provide for a transportation notice, so we provide third so far, we expressly provided in the travel tender note. We are therefore not liable for providing the transport service itself in this case to regulate any liability under the provisions of this transportation company to which you explicitly noted, and which we will make available on request. Also, we are not liable for service disruptions associated with other benefits, as the only third-mediated (eg, conventions, concerts, sports, theater events, trips), and they also call the travel explicitly labeled as a third.

6. Warranty
6.(a) remedial obligations to cooperate
Will the travel conventionary not provided, so you can ask for help. This requires priority prejudice our performance requirement of your participation. They are therefore obliged to take all reasonable you to do just about anything to help remedy the disruption and possibly damage to a minimum or not to avoid. They are particularly committed to your complaints immediately. In addition, please call our local representative in the target area (see travel documents). If the travel documents did not indicate any local representative, please directly contact us!
6.(b) reduction in the price
For the duration of a non-conventional rendering of the trip you can make a corresponding reduction in the tour price (reduction). The reduction does not apply to the extent it culpably omitted, the deficiencies.
6.(c) termination of the contract
Will the trip due to a lack significantly impaired, and we are within a reasonable period of time does not help, although it requires, so you can work in the context of statutory provisions the travel agreement. They owe us the part of the fare, based on the claimed benefits deleted, provided that the benefits are not completely worthless.
6.(d) damages
You can ask for damages, if we have a circumstance to represent, to a lack of travel.

7. Passports, visas, customs, foreign exchange and health regulations
Prior to the trip, we will inform you of the most important rules. For the timely issue and the access necessary visas by the respective diplomatic representation, even if us with the task of conducting, we are not liable unless the delay that we have in debt. You are responsible for complying with the implementation of all relevant provisions of the trip. Adult disadvantages of your non-compliance, these are all at your expense, unless they are protected by our culpable false information or non-conditional.

8. Limitation of Liability
8.(a) Contractual Limitation of Liability
Our contractual liability for damages, the damages are not the body, is due to the triple fare. A. to the extent that a traveler emerging neither damage nor willfully grossly negligent of us has been brought about, or
B. As far as we alone for a fault on a service provider for the traveler: the damage responsible.
8.(b) Statutory Limitation of Liability
A damage claim against us is so far limited or excluded as a result of international conventions or based on such laws, based on the performance of a carrier deliverables are applicable to a claim for damages against the service provider only under certain conditions or restrictions can be raised or under certain conditions excluded. Coming us the position of a contractual carrier, it regulates the liability under the provisions of the aviation law in connection with the international agreements of Warsaw, Den Haag, Guaddeljara and the Montreal Agreement (only for flights to the USA and Canada). These agreements are usually limited the liability of the carrier for death or personal injury as well as for loss of baggage and restrictions. In addition, the provisions of the Law of the Sea Act amendments.

9. Exclusion of claims and prescription
You can send us over claims because no conventional rendering of the trip within a month after termination of the contract provided for the travel claim. After this period, you can claim only be claimed if you have no fault in compliance with the deadline prevented. In your own interest, you should consider the claims in writing. The start of the limitation is the day of the trip dam conventionary end. 2. Claims for damages for bodily injury or killing barred after three years.

10. Insurance
We recommend the timely completion of a travel cancellation insurance, unless the travel price already included. Furthermore, we recommend the closure of travel insurance tickets, luggage, accident, liability and health insurance.

11. Ineffectiveness of individual provisions
The ineffectiveness of individual provisions of the contract shall not affect the validity of the entire travel contract.

12. Jurisdiction
As Jurisdiction is the seat of the tour operator.

Services not included in the package price includes
If in the travel description is not otherwise indicated, international and domestic flights in the fare not included. At your request, we obviously posting the outward and return flights.
Single occupancy surcharge
Indian Hotels have almost invariably about doubles. Nevertheless, it is of course possible, the rooms individually to prove. The make-ups calculated, please refer to the price lists of their tour.
Visa fees
That for your visit to India need a visa you can for your boat competent Indian consulate or procure.
Travel Insurance
It is always assumed that have nothing happen, but we should not take risks. We advise the conclusion of a comprehensive insurance package. At your request we book for you.
* Travel-cancellation insurance costs
* Vacation Guarantee (travel insurance demolition)
* Travel Health Insurance
* Emergency-Insurance
* Travel Accident Insurance
* Luggage insurance